RockAIR is a portable glare shield mounted device providing global communication for aircraft. Fully tested to DO160G standards, the RockAIR offers high-resolution tracking, two-way messaging and user-defined forms across both satellite and cellular networks.

From $1995 USD


  • Dual-mode satellite and cellular communications
  • Low-profile portable glare-shield installation
  • Integrated or external Iridium, cellular and GPS antennas
  • Powered via USB or aircraft power
  • Internal battery for transmission of shutdown reports
  • DO160G tested with documentation available
  • Power and tracking suspend/auto-resume
  • AMS - automated monitoring service
  • 4-way mark/point of interest
  • Distress/Distress Cancel button
  • NVG compatible LEDs with optional neutral density filter
  • Over-the-air and via app configuration
  • 1 Hz position logging to removable SD Card
  • USB connection for charging and for data transfer
  • Truly global operation, using the Iridium satellite network when outside of cellular coverage
  • Bluetooth for messaging and forms (requires iOS device and TP Connect app)
  • Five digital inputs for user definable events (engine start, stop, take-off, landing, fill, drop, etc)


Dimensions 98mm x 119mm x 26mm (3.9″ x 4.7″ x 1.0″)
Weight 210gm (8 oz)
Connectors USB, 4-way Molex Micro-Fit (power), 6-way Molex Micro-Fit (input), Optional SMA for external antennas
Inputs USB serial, Bluetooth, five configurable digital inputs
Sensors GPS, Accelerometer, Thermometer, Power loss, Impact
Screen Type None (pair with iOS device for display)
Antennas Internal GPS, Iridium and Cellular
Casing/Housing ABS/PC (Bayblend FR3010 BLK), Elastosil LR 3003/70 A&B
Input Voltage USC (5V DC), Aircraft Power (9-30V DC)
Power Consumption 500mA max, plus very low current sleep mode (<30mA)
Power Sources External DC supply with internal LiPo battery backup
Satellite Network Iridium SBD via 9603 short burst data (SBD) transceiver
Cellular Network GPRS (Cellular IP)
Operating Environment < 75% Relative Humidity
Other Certifications FCC & CE
DO160 Testing

DO160F Section 15, Section 21.4, Section 21.5, DO160G Section 4, Section 7.2.1, Section 7.3.1, Section 7.3.3, Section 8.8.1, Section 17, Section 26

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Iridium offers truly global voice and data communication coverage. Across land, sea and air including the Polar Regions, Iridium is ideal for industries such as maritime, aviation, government, emergency/humanitarian services, mining, forestry, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and utilities.

Iridium has 66 satellites in orbit around the Earth at all times, allowing coverage anywhere on Earth 24×7.