• Posted: January 31, 2018

RockAIR Approved for USFS Airborne Firefighting

TracPlus USA Inc announced today that their RockAIR flight tracker has been approved by the United States Fire Service (USFS) for use on airborne fire-fighting operations, effective immediately.

The RockAIR brings satellite and cellular tracking together in a portable carry-on, carry-off form factor at a much lower cost than traditional dual-mode solutions.

Tracplus’ Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Hinch commented "We are absolutely delighted to be able to bring the revolutionary capabilities and affordability of the RockAIR to the US firefighting market. With nearly ten years of global customer experience and insights in airborne firefighting built into the RockAIR, USFS's approval of the RockAIR is a hugely satisfying validation of our technology and recognition of our commitment to our customers operating in this critical market."

About TracPlus

TracPlus provides global tracking, communication and collaboration solutions for those who operate in harm’s way.  They enable EMS, first responder, search and rescue, tourism and general aviation operators to share real-time information to achieve better mission outcomes.

TracPlus has provided AFF tracking and national integration services in Australia since 2008 and were chosen in 2017 to provide whole-of-fleet AFF services for CALFIRE in California, USA. The RockAIR is available from TracPlus USA, Inc. and Dallas Avionics.