• Posted: January 10, 2019

TracPlus introduces FastTrac — a cost-effective solution for satellite tracking at cellular speeds.

TracPlus Global have announced today their new feature, FastTrac. FastTrac allows customers satellite tracking at cellular speeds — without the cost.

TracPlus Global have announced today their new feature, FastTrac. FastTrac allows customers satellite tracking at cellular speeds — without the cost.

“At TracPlus, we strive to put our customers first, and we are always looking for new ways to ensure that cost-efficiency does not come at the expense of safety,” says Chris Hinch, Chief Innovation Officer at TracPlus.

“As our customers are increasingly using their tracking data to support maintenance and scheduling systems, we are proud to announce an innovative new capability to allow them to get even more for less.”

FastTrac makes the Rock Seven’s RockAIR and Flightcell DZMx even more cost-effective by taking a GPS fix every 15 seconds everywhere but keeps satellite costs down by transmitting multiple reports together every 1 or 2 minutes.

FastTrac offers customers an advanced track representation for post-mission analysis and review, but at a cost that is 75% less than if they were transmitting each report separately over satellite.

“We understand safety is paramount but also recognise that the high cost of satellite airtime has presented a challenge to some operators trying to maintain a sustainable business in challenging market conditions. We want our customers to have the best of both worlds — the safety and utility of high data rates in a mission-critical service that they can rely on without breaking the bank,” Hinch continued.

FastTrac improves track representation by up to 800% over other tracking systems outside cellular coverage, resulting in a level of accuracy that is becoming increasingly vital for regulatory, contract and compliance accountability.

“An increasing number of government and private contracts have strict compliance requirements and require a level of reporting that cannot be achieved with traditional satellite reporting rates. FastTrac represents a significant stride forward in providing operators with reliable and accurate data to demonstrably support their ability to secure, undertake and report on large contracts,“ concluded Hinch.

About TracPlus

TracPlus provides global tracking, communication and collaboration solutions for those who operate in harm’s way. They enable EMS, first responder, search and rescue, tourism and general aviation operators to share real-time information to achieve better mission outcomes.

For more information about TracPlus, please visit www.tracplus.com.