Headquartered in Maryland with manufacturing and testing facilities in North Carolina, TCOM is the industry leader in aerostat design and works with governmental organisations, military leaders, heads of state, and the like in 18 countries across the globe.

Founded in 1971, TCOM employs a force of expert engineers who designed the first-ever powered tether, the first mobile mooring station, and the largest aerostat system ever built.


TCOM’s innovation in persistent surveillance aerostat systems has made them an invaluable asset to their clients and has enabled radio and television communications to become prevalent in once-unreachable areas and even into conflict zones. With critical assets like TCOM’s, it’s essential to have a system that allows them to keep constant tabs on their airships — and that’s where TracPlus comes in.


We talked with Operations Center Technical Representative Juan Jimenez — who provides CONUS (Continental United States) support for OCUNUS (Outside Continental United States) operations — to learn more about how TracPlus fits into TCOM’s daily workings. Here’s what he had to say.


What does TCOM do, and how do you use TracPlus on a daily basis? What assets are you tracking?

TCOM engineers aerial tethered airships. We use TracPlus to track the aerial ships in case of an emergency or if they break away.


When did you begin using TracPlus?

We’ve been with TracPlus for over seven years.


What TracPlus features and functionalities are the most important for you, and why?

The ability to track our assets, as they’re expensive and contain classified sensors.


What would you say are the biggest strengths of the TracPlus system?

The ability to quickly determine the location of an airship and immediately pass on that information to the recovery team.


What key issues for you have TracPlus helped with?

Safety, and the ability to quickly retrieve an asset by providing a military recovery team with correct coordinates, allowing them to get there quicker and safer.


Anything else you’d like people to know about TracPlus?

TracPlus is a great tool for anyone who wants to better track their assets. It provides much safer recovery if unmanned assets go down.


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