Pacific Island Air

Pacific Island Air offer everything from island transfers, sightseeing tours, and adventure packages to private charters, Medevac operations, and commercial flights.

For nearly a decade, Pacific Island Air has been flying tourists around the spectacular scenery of Fiji. With their fleet of 10 aircraft — four seaplanes, four helicopters, and two fixed-wing light aircraft — and locations at Nadi Airport and Denarau Marina, they offer everything from island transfers, sightseeing tours, and adventure packages to private charters, Medevac operations, and commercial flights.


Though they operate under the Fijian skies, Pacific Island Air sits under the umbrella of New Zealand-based parent company GCH Aviation — the only helicopter and aviation company in Aotearoa to hold a Diamond Safety Certificate, awarded for more than 35 years of incident-free flying. So what tools do Pacific Island Air use to uphold this sterling safety record?


We spoke with General Manager Tuni Beddoes about how TracPlus fits into their daily operations and helps keep Pacific Island Air’s fleet, pilots, and customers safe in the skies. Head below to learn more.


What does Pacific Island Air do, and how do you use TracPlus on a daily basis?

Pacific Island Air is an operator of helicopters, amphibious seaplanes, and Brittan Norman Islanders operating within the Fiji Islands. Our operations and flight following team utilise TracPlus during daylight hours to monitor and provide flight watch on all aircraft operating within the domestic operations field.


Our aircraft transfer tourists to island resorts and private islands for day trips, including scenic flights. They’re also used for the commercial activity of Medevac, lift missions with commercial organisations, and film shoots.


When and why did you incorporate TracPlus into your operations?

I’ve been in the aviation industry for 35 years and was introduced to TracPlus in 2011 after using a different tracking service in another organisation. Pacific Island Air’s parent company Garden City Aviation Group uses TracPlus on all aircraft under their management.


What TracPlus features and functionalities are the most important for you, and why?

The actual bleeps on the screen provide us with comfort that the aircraft is active and en route. Seeing exactly when the aircraft has landed offers us peace of mind.


What would you say are the biggest strengths of the TracPlus system?

TracPlus puts the power of visual tracking in the customer’s hands. Having a good sense of aircraft ETA or ETD is invaluable.


What key issues for Pacific Island Air has TracPlus helped with?

COVID-19 has caused a lot of hardship, particularly in the aviation industry with unemployment and zero tourism activity. TracPlus has improved our safety and communication during this time, helping us track what revenue-generating flights we do have and ensuring they get where they’re going safely.


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