Gemini Heli Ltd

Gemini Heli Ltd is a western Canadian corporation providing helicopter services to the Forest, Oil and Gas and Communication Industries. On top of this, they also offer Emergency services and tourism.

Gemini Heli Ltd have been operating as a helicopter company for over 20 years and have had experience with other tracking systems.

“We found the hardware reasonably priced, and much cheaper to run due to its dual satellite/cell capabilities. We also found the team at V2 to be very responsive and quick to fix any issues we had.”

Roch Dallaire

Gemini Helicopters make extensive use of custom forms through our EFB companion app, v2connect.

“We especially like the software, as we use the forms daily which are automatically sent to our administrators which saves time and money. As helicopter operators we are usually in very remote areas and being able to send flight tickets and itineraries over satellite/cell or WiFi was excellent for us. Thank you V2 team keep up the good work!!!”

Roch Dallaire

For more info please visit Gemini Heli’s website or on Instagram

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