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FireCut BCN

FireCut is an aerial firefighting company based in Barcelona, Spain. The company operates globally leveraging experience across Europe and South America.


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FireCut, headquartered in Sant Fruitós de Bages, Barcelona, was established in 2020. In 2024 Airb360 took the role to help and improve FireCut’s expansion capacities. Airb360 is a specialised aviation group renowned for its expertise in aerial firefighting, precision aerial spraying, and maintenance repair services for external clients, playing a pivotal role in FireCut's inception.

Ignasi Figueras, FireCut's Chief Operating Officer, co-founded the company in response to the escalating threat of wildfires worldwide. FireCut’s mission is deeply rooted in safeguarding communities and preserving natural heritages through their efforts in combating wildfires across the globe. FireCut strives to mitigate the devastating impact of wildfires by deploying cutting-edge aerial firefighting technology solutions to protect invaluable ecosystems and human habitats.

“Our team is our potential”

With extensive aerial firefighting experience spanning Europe and South America, FireCut's current team of pilots collectively surpasses 5.000 firefighting flight hours globally. With a growing fleet of fixed-winged AT802-F aircrafts, optimised for rapid initial aerial firefighting attack, FireCut remains at the forefront of delivering unparalleled firefighting aid to the highest standards of firefighting efficacy and safety.

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TracPlus provides a unique solution in data recording while being in control of all the assets to improve our safety.

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How FireCut Uses TracPlus

TracPlus is important for FireCut operations - notably any contractual work they undertake such as aerial firefighting, to deliver accurate and real-time tracking of their complex piloting ferry operations while providing comprehensive operational insights from their central hub.

FireCut uses the TracPlus Cloud platform and the integrative ATU solutions including the RockAIR and AFDAU-T1, that provides operational intelligence and fleet oversight enabling them to gain a common operating picture of their aircraft activities. TracPlus now serves as an indispensable data collection tool, furnishing the FireCut team with real-time tracking data for their pilot ferrying missions, along with a wealth of insights accessible from their primary operations centre. Presently, FireCut manages a growing aerial fleet of 30 ferries worldwide, and has currently provided aerial firefighting support to 68 firefighting seasons worldwide.




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