Christchurch Helicopters

Christchurch Helicopters is a premium aviation company in Canterbury, New Zealand. Their work is diverse — offering commercial helicopter work, scenic flights, pilot training and conservation response.


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Christchurch Helicopters are long-standing customers of TracPlus. Owner, Director and CEO Terry Murdoch has over 30 years of experience operating a variety of helicopters for varying purposes in a range of flying conditions.

With this experience, Terry leads an expert team, including none-other than Richie McCaw, in a variety of operations.

With the majestic Southern Alps serving as a backdrop for much of their operations, Christchurch Helicopters are prepared to meet any needs required of clients.


Keeping an eye on our staff, clients and flight students is really important to us. It’s reassuring to have the ability to track aircraft in real time, and know they’re coming home safe.


How the Christchurch Helicopters use TracPlus


TracPlus is important for Christchurch Heli's operations — notably any contractual work they undertake, such as firefighting or rescue, as well as managing their flight training school. TracPlus helps Christchurch Helicopters to organise their growing fleet, and ensure their team, students and clients are safe and accounted for.

Apart from TracPlus being an integral part of their safety plans and procedures, Christchurch Helicopters use TracPlus as a training tool in their flight school operations.

"Unfortunately everyone makes errors. We have the odd student who busts air space or infringes where they shouldn’t be, so we use TracPlus to review flight information (post-flight) and look at where they went wrong, or how they could improve next time."


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