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Mark Brooker is the Chief Pilot at Central Airwork, based outside of Victoria, Australia.

Mark’s family has a background in farming, and through witnessing mustering and fencing, he was exposed to helicopters.

Mark learned to fly with GCH Aviation, and throughout his training was introduced to TracPlus. For him, a hardware option that offered dual satellite and cellular tracking was a requirement.

“We spend 3/4 of our flying time in cellular range, and needed regular 15 second tracking to keep our team safe if anything untoward happened, but also for compliance.”

The team work in some extremely remote locations, however they do spend a lot of time back and forward in places that do have cellular coverage. To save costs, but to ensure the team were always traceable when they did venture into more remote locations, TracPlus and the RockAIR were an obvious option.

Before TracPlus, Mark was using competitor’s products, but they were only tracking at 2-5 minute points as they were so expensive to run. The RockAIR’s dual capability has saved them money, but also allowed for more high definition tracking data.

“Competitor's products could not offer the functionality that TracPlus does.”

Central Airwork have a RockAIR installed in their Bell Jet Ranger. The team operate in the eastern parts of Victoria and Southern NSW, and their customers are local farmers.

“We use TracPlus for tracking our fleet and staff, as well as recording coordinates of every job for The Agricultural Chemicals Usage Database.”

TracPlus also allows the team to manually mark positions and waypoints so that they can note fuel and load sights and airstrips. This information is vital for record keeping and is information they must supply the Department of Chemical Standards to be compliant.

Mark worked closely with our Australian Distributors CCM Guidance to find a solution that best suited their fleet, location and requirements.

“There’s no way I would use any other tracking system.”

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