CareFlight is an aeromedical rescue and retrieval service. Their mission is to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community by providing the highest standard of rapid response critical care.


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With over 20 aircraft and 500 staff, CareFlight provides critical aeromedical rescue and retrieval services to most of Australia. 

The distances between their rescues are expansive. In the same day, they can fly 140 miles offshore for a winch rescue, and then the same distance inland to one of Australia’s most remote National Parks.


For us, TracPlus is an essential tool because we fly in some of the most remote areas of Australia, and some of the most remote areas in the world that have a helicopter responding to them.


How the CareFlight uses TracPlus


TracPlus allows the CareFlight team to organise their growing fleet, and ensure their team is safe and accounted for in remote terrain.

CareFlight run TracPlus on the boards in their mission centres continuously — this is the way they track both their aircraft and ground vehicles. TracPlus allows their crews to know and understand where a vehicle is, and also where it’s been, so they can plan out their jobs effectively.

Due to the remoteness of their work, reliable communication is key. Once they leave the Darwin greater area, they have no way to communicate for the next two hours. Having TracPlus offers their team peace of mind, so if they’re well out of cellular range, they’re always in reach.


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