Australian Volunteer Coast Guard

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard is dedicated to serving the boating community around Australia through search & rescue, vessel tracking, marine radio, training, and more.

Read this case study to learn how they utilise TracPlus to ensure ultimate safety and peace of mind out on the water. We spoke to Darryl Prizeman, the Chair of the Queensland organisation, to get his input.

Australian Volunteer Coast Guard rescue mission

What were the main problems or pain points your company had before implementing a solution like TracPlus?

“Before TracPlus, we were unable to track our rescue vessels - which was a huge issue for us from a safety and operational perspective."

What are the main results your company has experienced after implementing TracPlus?

“We now have complete visibility over our rescue assets after implementing TracPlus. The asset tracks captured by the RockFLEET GPS tracking devices are used by the Australian authorities in the investigation of marine incidents in court. The impact that TracPlus has made is incredible."

What specific TracPlus feature do you like the most and why?

"To sum it up, it would be its ease of use. The ease of communicating with our RockFLEET devices which are sitting on our maritime assets makes operations a lot easier. Also, the platform TracPlus Cloud is simple to use and it meets all of our needs."
The RockFLEET maritime GPS tracking device

The RockFLEET maritime GPS tracking device

What would you say are the top 3 benefits of using TracPlus?

"1. Complete asset visibility in real-time

2. For search and rescue missions, the asset tracks verify areas searched on the map

3. The ability to store historical data about asset tracks and locations"

Two Commanders from the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard also gave us their opinion on the TracPlus system: 

Commander One:

"The TracPlus tool has been a major step forward. Search patterns are completed on the charts of areas covered in real-time, which provides a new level of certainty for all parties involved.

Also, support benefits come from information recorded for any potential insurance or legal issues after an event.

It's also valuable as an additional training tool for our crews to gain a greater understanding of the search patterns applied."

Commander Two:

"TracPlus has been a game changer for us in the Far North of Australia. Having the facility to monitor vessel movements and activities has provided not only our base station radio operators with real-time tracking, but I also have the ability to view all vessel activities myself.

This was very important last year when we had two SAR (Search and Rescue) events for missing fishermen which spanned 5 days. We have also seen the benefits of having the facility to search for historical tracks."

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