Austtralian volunteer coast guard

Australian Volunteer Coastguard

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard is dedicated to serving the boating community around Australia through search & rescue, vessel tracking, marine radio, training, and more.


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The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard is entirely operated by a dedicated team of volunteers. Their marine search and rescue operations are critical to the safety of many ocean goers all over Australia.

Responding to a wide variety of marine incidents, they will rescue thousands of people within a year. 

The Volunteer Coast Guard also work with other rescue organisations offering their services, and extending their reach wherever they're needed.

Operating as a registered training organisation, the Volunteer Coast Guard also offer a wide range of accredited training courses to both their volunteers and the public.

australian volunteer coast guard on water

We now have complete visibility over our rescue assets after implementing TracPlus

australian volunteer coast guard rockfleet

How the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard uses TracPlus

In order to ensure that their rescue vessels are safe and operating as they should, the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard uses the TracPlus solution. 

With TracPlus, they now have complete visibility of all assets across the organisation. The RockFLEETs used on all their maritime assets make communication almost seamless, which combined with TracPlus Cloud has improved their operational capacity.

The recorded tracking data is also used during in marine incident investigations by Australian authorities, further increasing the holistic capabilities of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard.


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