Aero Santa Cruz Ltda

Aero Santa Cruz Ltda is a firefighting and air spraying organization based in Santa Cruz, Chile.

We chatted with their Pilot and Operations Manager, Milton Cabello, about how Aero Santa Cruz uses TracPlus to track their fixed-wing firefighting aircraft and help improve their safety and operations.

Aero Santa Cruz Ltda airplane with tracplus

How does TracPlus help your operations on a daily basis?

“Well, I think TracPlus is an invaluable tool for our AG and aerial firefighting operations, especially for me as Operations Manager. TracPlus also provides great surveillance support to our pilots when they fly in remote and isolated areas."

What TracPlus features and functionalities are the most important for you, and why?

“Aside from the main live tracking feature, I find the flight parameters displayed on the TracPlus Cloud platform screen very useful. Also, the ability to send messages back and forth between our assets. Ultimately, I really appreciate the simplicity of implementing TracPlus and operating the platform. I find it very user-friendly."

Has there been any specific occasion you can think of where TracPlus has potentially saved time, money, or a life?

"I don’t have any doubt that TracPlus will be key in any future emergency situation where we need to save a pilot’s life, with its real-time location tracking capabilities."

What key issues has TracPlus helped with?

"Well, first of all, TracPlus allowed us to win a contract with CONAF (Chilean National Forest Corporation) because one of the requirements of the aircraft was to have a reliable tracking device. I thought TracPlus had good prestige in this specific market, and they have proven to be the right choice."

Did you have any questions or concerns about using TracPlus before trying it? If so, what were they?

"I actually had some doubts, mostly related to the installation on the aircraft, whether it required any alteration, and also the operation of the platform in general. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the simplicity and ease of implementing the system and operating the TracPlus Cloud platform."

How would you describe TracPlus to someone with a similar role as yours in a similar company?

"I think TracPlus is a great tool to support operations, especially for those of us who have to monitor operations regularly. It also provides a good backup of historic information for analysis if needed, which is extremely useful."

What would you say to someone thinking about implementing a tracking system?

"I’d tell them that, 'time is money', and for them, not to lose their time trying to find something especially when a solution like TracPlus exists. Sincerely, I think TracPlus is the correct choice for a reliable tracking system."

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