Aero Santa Cruz Ltda

Aero Santa Cruz Ltda is a firefighting and air spraying organisation based in Santa Cruz, Chile.


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Aero Santa Cruz run agricultural and aerial fire operations throughout Chile providing critical aid, often in regions that would be unable to receive fire support typically due to their location.



I don’t have any doubt that TracPlus will be key in any future emergency situation where we need to save a pilot’s life


How the Aero Santa Cruz use TracPlus

With TracPlus, Aero Santa Cruz are able to monitor all of their assets wherever they are, providing a common operating picture that is invaluable during peak operating times.

“Aside from the main live tracking feature, I find the flight parameters displayed on the TracPlus Cloud platform screen very useful. Also, the ability to send messages back and forth between our assets. Ultimately, I really appreciate the simplicity of implementing TracPlus and operating the platform. I find it very user-friendly."



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