Abu Dhabi Aviation

Abu Dhabi Aviation is the largest commercial helicopter operation in the Middle East focusing on support for international companies (in oil and gas production) as well as a passenger transport for VIPs, search and rescue, aerial firefighting and crop spraying. 

With this impressive fleet, the organisation provides offshore aviation support for international companies (with a focus on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas production entities), as well as a slew of other services including passenger transport for VIPs, search-and-rescue, aerial firefighting, and crop spraying.


As with any aviation operation (and particularly one of this size), ADA prizes safety above all else. Since 2006, they’ve held the illustrious Platinum Award of Safety from Helicopter Association International, and they’ve earned numerous quality certificates from industry authorities including the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),


We chatted with Lee Pace, Senior Manager Airworthiness and Fleet at ADA, to learn more about how TracPlus helps them achieve their safety goals. Here’s what he had to say.


How did ADA become aware of TracPlus, and when did you begin using us? What was involved in your decision to become a TracPlus customer?

We became aware of the product in 2016 while researching a cost-effective and easy solution to provide flight tracking to our customers. The ease of use and no requirement for a formal modification drove us to choose TracPlus.


What TracPlus features and functionalities are the most important for you? Why?

The portability is key with offshore use, as it allows us to remove and charge when required.


The ability to programme an emergency button is also key to our offshore customers and provides them with a strong sense of security.


What would you say are the biggest strengths of the TracPlus system?

The evolving capabilities like the addition of an emergency button; an offshore requirement for us, and TracPlus continues to evolve with these requirements.


Also, support is quick and efficient, which is necessary for a busy operation like ADA.


What key issues for you have TracPlus helped with?

In any business, safety is a driver, but it must be balanced with cost-effectiveness. In this unit, we have a relatively small outlay that’s outweighed by the customer reaction to and satisfaction with real-time tracking and emergency notification with only a button-press from the crew.


Our major offshore customers have evolved their requirements over the years, and emergency response is number one. They specify a simple operation of a distress notification by the crew that doesn’t detract from their handling of the situation. The TracPlus unit is simple and effective and satisfies this need.


Have we helped you operate safer and smarter?

Crews and customers have the knowledge that they’re being tracked from their home base at all times. They know an emergency response can be initiated at the first signs of any issue.


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