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A Chick In The Cockpit - An interview with Erika Armstrong

Erika Armstrong is an international corporate and airline pilot/captain, published author, editor and writer for seven national aviation magazines, Aviation Professor at MSU Denver, and Director of Instructional Design for Advanced Aircrew Academy.

During her twenty-five years in aviation, she’s worked in all aspects of the industry. From the friendly front desk CSR of a busy FBO to the captain's seat of a Boeing 727-200, she’s experienced everything in between. Passionate about the aviation industry, Erika shares her hugely experienced, honest and good-humoured perspective on the industry.

Meet The Chick in The Cockpit.

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Rosa Anderson - Jones

Posted: July 2, 2018

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Great Communication Begins With Connection — Interoperability In First Response Situations

When disaster strikes, law enforcement and disaster-relief agencies rely on the ability to access shared information to understand crises and make life-saving decisions. Information and communication technologies play a vital role in coordinating crisis responses between discrete services, agencies, organisations and volunteers. But there is still a way to go.

Trevor Mcintyre

Trevor McIntyre

Posted: June 29, 2018

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Mission possible: Uplifting the spirit of others

Pilots are masters of their own destiny in the sky, and this freethinking personality often transcends into other facets of their lives. Pilot Peter Davies, of The Northland Emergency Services Trust, is no exception, crafting a path that combines his love of helping people with flying.

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Rosa Anderson - Jones

Posted: June 27, 2018

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Stephen Pope - The Airborne Author

Stephen Pope lives and breathes aviation — in every facet of his life, flying seems to sneak its way to the forefront. Editor-in-Chief of Flying Magazine and a commercial multi-engine, seaplane and instrument-rated pilot, Stephen certainly knows a thing or two about the world of aviation.

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Rosa Anderson - Jones

Posted: June 26, 2018

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PCADS: The Evolution Of Airborne Firefighting

Whether you believe that man-made climate change, insect infestations killing millions of trees, or rampant real estate development in wilderness areas are having an impact on wildfires, the facts are indisputable. Fire seasons are lasting longer, wildfires are becoming more numerous and more massive, and more forests (and communities) are being reduced to ashes by so-called mega-fires, blazes which burn at least 100,000 acres.

michael archer

Michael Archer

Posted: June 22, 2018

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Distress Monitoring and Notification Options

Providing a distress monitoring and notification service is a vital part of what we do here at TracPlus. We’re making a few changes on how this works, so it’s very important you understand what this means for you and your operations. Here’s a rundown.

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Evan Fenemor

Posted: June 21, 2018

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Seeing Through Darkness — The Role of NVG in Nighttime Firefighting

Have you wondered how operators came to use NVG to fight fires? Or are you an operator who is interested in integrating NVG into your business? Our Ebook identifies the benefits and the costs of using this incredible technology in the cockpit.