Welcome to the TracPlus team, Sacha

This week, we welcome Sacha Wetzel to the TracPlus team. Owner of Avfoil - The Aviation Marketplace - Sacha's international business experience and understanding of our customers' pain points makes him an extremely valuable point of contact for the TracPlus community.

Since Sacha first discovered the company, he was excited about the value that TracPlus could offer him and his clients. We're well known for tracking, but what's more, is that TracPlus uses this data for advanced reporting and analytics for our customers.

"I had been looking for better ways to get automatic data population to analytics-based systems. After looking into TracPlus, I was amazed at the value it could offer - well beyond purely tracking and communications! It's the power of what customers can do with this data that interests me the most."

Sacha's strength is that he knows what those in the industry are looking for. Co-founder of Avfoil alongside Liz Martinez, Sacha's goal is to look for solutions for aviation process issues. Sacha loves to analyze transactions from beginning to end and reduce labour, time, and the costs involved. 

"My goal is to show the industry ways that can increase efficiency that result in lower costs by using advanced technologies and operating systems."

With a passion for technology, Sacha loves to stay up-to-date with the latest digital tools available to operators. For Sacha, TracPlus' technical capabilities resonates with his mission to find tools that best collect and display data reporting.

"As I have grown up from the end-user of aviation products through to the business development roles I understand the pain points from top to bottom. My abilities to drive cost reduction by better use of technology and a general thirst to improve the economy will be where I bring value easily to both the industry and TracPlus in supporting its users."

Sacha's skillset lies in getting to the bottom of customers' pain points, to gain a thorough understanding of what business intelligence is needed to streamline organizations while keeping people safe.

"What is most unique about TracPlus is its ability to allow operators to use their hardware of choice, but to use TracPlus to pull data from different devices and display it in one place."

"TracPlus' ability to connect different products lower costs for customers, and gives operators the choice to use hardware that best suits their requirements."

We are so pleased to welcome Sacha. Welcome, Sacha!

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