Welcome to the team Carl, Erik and Lester

We've recently welcomed three new team members to the TracPlus team to help support our customers and growth in America. Here's a little more about Carl, Erik and Lester.

As the TracPlus customer base continues to grow in the USA, Canada and Latin America, we need to be sure we can best support our customers to have the best tracking and communication software so they can run their businesses safely and effectively. 

So that we can continue to offer world-class support, we've recently hired three new Business Development and Customer Success Managers. 

Carl, Erik and Lester are all hugely experienced in our customers' industries, including aviation, the military and emergency services  therefore they understand our customers' needs and can support them to seek the best outcome for their business.

Meet the team!

Carl Leweke

Location: Texas  

Hello, I'm Carl Leweke, and very pleased to be joining TracPlus!

I come from a background of offshore data acquisition in the petroleum industry, and subsequently consultative sales of offshore well services. More recently, I have been involved in software technical sales specializing in software licensing management. My educational background originates in electrical engineering and general business studies at the University of Denver, and I have been living in Houston for the last 17 years.

Houston promises to be a rich environment where energy, technology, medical services, and logistical management all require data with which to make informed decisions. With the Gulf of Mexico to the south and vast expanses of open territory to the west, there is a great amount of air and land traffic into areas of with low communication infrastructure, creating challenges to tracking the location of various assets. I look forward to finding people who need what we offer, keeping the nature of their challenges as the foremost consideration.

Utilizing modern environments of data reporting and management, customers' expectations are steadily rising along with the proliferation of Business Intelligence dashboards and up-to-the-minute data refreshing. The ability of TracPlus to integrate various tracked assets into a single, reliable, and shareable view is exactly what users in these demanding environments crave.

My background in technical solutions and data presentation will aid me in conveying to TracPlus software users the added value brought by our solution. The fact that this information is frequently of greatest use in emergency operations environments brings me the added satisfaction of contributing to mission-critical information management.

Having grown up mostly in Denver, some of my hobbies include running, hiking, cycling, camping, hunting, and home improvement.

Erik Stasiowski 

Location: Massachusetts

I am a pilot first and then a salesperson! I received my degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle University and am a commercially rated pilot and flight instructor, who ultimately ventured into the world of business aviation in lieu of a career in the skies. Most recently I worked with Climacell, a Boston start-up out of Harvard/MIT that is a remote-sensing weather company.

Previous to that, I have worked in sales in many sectors of business aviation and technology, both internationally and domestically. Honesty, connection, mistakes and progression are some of the professional attributes that I admire more than courses of study. I am a passionate, energetic and not-necessarily-articulate young-at-heart father of two daughters that would take star gazing over a movie any day! 
I am based in Boston, which has the most universities/colleges per square km, 2nd best global healthcare, 4 beautiful seasons, a few “good” sports teams, and most importantly access (via flight) to most European and US major cities within the same flight time, which positions me well for aviation and maritime business. The north-south migration of boat owners and companies alike between Boston and Miami makes this location ideal for supporting our customers in the Maritime industry too. 
The structure and culture of TracPlus really appealed to me because, among other things, there is a gap in current market offerings that I see great potential and opportunity for TracPlus to fill. Additionally, TracPlus has developed a niche within aerospace and maritime as a solution that helps people who save lives, and I am proud to be part of that mission.
Having flown traffic reporting, medical EMS and in support of Law Enforcement, I have a connection within that sector that I carry into a sales capacity. Shared experiences and understanding are integral in developing strong relationships with potential customers. 
In my perspective, TracPlus offers total peace of mind in a way that no other product can. In addition, the model of pricing and seamless linkage of assets provide really exciting opportunities for increased safety and efficiency simultaneously.
They say when you find what you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life! Aviation is a passion of time both in and out of work. I love to travel and immerse myself not only in the sights to be seen but in the local culture as well. Additionally, I love skiing, mountain biking, cooking and sharing all of those with my wife and two daughters Clara and Eleanor, ages 6 and 2!  

Lester Lauzardo

Location: Texas  

I am a Cuban immigrant that immigrated to the US at a young age, my parents came to the US from Cuba running from a tyranny’s government with the hopes of proving for and giving me the opportunity of a better life. I grew up in Miami and at the age of 18, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I wanted to be a combat pilot after watching the movie Top Gun! Since then, I have had a love for aviation and have worked in the industry as an aviation professional of 20+ years with most of that time spent with the commercial airline industry. Currently, I am working on finishing my MBA (currently on my last course) and growing in my career. 

I currently live in Dallas, Texas which is a very strategic location for TracPlus and its customers! Texas is home to a number of Oil and Gas companies, helicopter manufacturers (Bell and Airbus Helicopters), law enforcement and firefighter departments and as well as a number of military facilities.  Given the terrain and sheer size of the state, it has a need for asset tracking and communication capabilities to ensure that the men and women in these roles are safe, able to communicate while providing companies with mission-critical data and asset tracking and location information to drive efficiency in their operation.

This role appealed to me because I believe in the company’s mission to keep its customers intelligently connected and discoverable which ultimately means safe! Our customers have mission-critical jobs and put their lives on the line every day to make sure that others are well and taken care of. I am honored and proud to work for a company that is doing its part in taking care of those who take care of us.

Outside of work, I am a husband, a father of four and a grandfather of 6 beautiful kids. I volunteer with the youth at my local church as well as for two organizations called Traffic911 which works with kids that are victims of human trafficking and with Dallas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) which work to be the voice for children involved in family court hearings involving neglect or abuse where the children have been removed from the home. In addition, I enjoy scuba diving, motorcycles, cooking and watching movies!

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