TracPlus versus our competitors — why do customers choose us?

A question we're often asked is 'How is TracPlus different to your competitors'? Luckily for us, the answer is clear. TracPlus goes beyond tracking and offers a fleet-management tool so your team is safe, organised, and always in reach.

Here's why TracPlus is a superior solution for fleet tracking and messaging.

Dual satellite and cellular tracking

Dual-mode tracking offers significant cost savings as you only pay for tracking when you’re out of cellular range. The device automatically switches between the two networks for a cost-effective and fuss-free experience. 

“The sat/cell functionality and flexible plans have given us enhanced tracking, and greatly reduced our monthly tracking costs,” Damian Lindsay, McDermott Aviation.

Reliable messaging

TracPlus offers a reliable messaging solution. Know your messaging will send via text, flight form, or email, regardless of your location, without fail. 

“We pilots needed to know our text messages had been sent and received by our dispatcher. TracPlus gives us this peace of mind,” Jeff Mcmillan, Security Aviation.

Event Reporting

TracPlus equipment supports external sensors that transmit real-time flight events for compliance reporting. This is a requirement for many contracts, including aerial firefighting and air ambulance. 

Supports a paperless cockpit

Our goal at TracPlus is to help make business easier. Not only do we allow you to track, manage and monitor your fleet, but we streamline business. Learn about our Automated Mission Reports, Status Boards and Automatic Monthly Reports.

Transparent pricing model

At TracPlus, what you see if what you get. Our hardware is affordable, and our pricing plans outline exactly what you need to pay per month - without any surprises. Customers who've switched to TracPlus are always extremely pleased with their cost savings.

"With increasing cellular coverage and quality around the country, we’re saving up to 70% of our tracking bill thanks to the RockAIR," Graeme Gale, Otago Helicopters.

Integrations and Partnerships

We work alongside other technology providers so operators can integrate all of their systems seamlessly together. TracPlus works with safety management systems, billing systems, and even other tracking providers. 

Compare TracPlus and Competitors



Dual-mode satellite & cellular tracking (up to 50% savings) Satellite tracking (expensive) 
Affordable hardware with free hardware options on higher tier plans Expensive Hardware
15-second reporting over cellular and satellite, 1-second data logged and available as required via SD card 2-minute reporting
Messaging included in plan A separate charge for messaging
Simple pricing Complex pricing
Human interface with emergency escalation and resolution coordination Machine emergency escalation
Battery included (accurate even post shut down, truly portable) No battery
Telemetry standard for up to 5 signal types Limited telemetry
Internal aerial with external aerial adaptor meaning that the device works even when you have a heated windshield Internal aerial only
Accelerometer included to drive emergency event reporting such as defined parameter exceedances No accelerometer
Ability to suspend tracking and automatically enable tracking when flying in line of sight-saving you money Constantly on
Robust messaging capabilities developed for the first responder market including text, flight forms, and email from your own contact lists Limited message capabilities
Developed to work with ecosystem partners like EFBs, beacons to assist with automated manifest and weight and balance reporting and other applications directly from your smart device Proprietary solution focus

Worried about switching?

We’ve helped hundreds of business move to TracPlus. It’s easy. Our support team are always available to help you get set up for free.

“Easy to use and friendly support staff when you have a problem", Skyline Aviation Australia. 

If you'd like to know more about how TracPlus can improve the safety and efficiency of your operations, please get in touch with us.

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