TracPlus secures expansion and acquisition capital from Movac — Here’s why it matters to our customers

Today, we are pleased to announce that TracPlus has successfully raised expansion capital from Movac, New Zealand's most respected technology investor. This capital has been raised to deliver upon our company strategies and will be used to continue to offer our customers world-class tracking and communication solutions that are modern, cost-effective and powerful.

Over the last decade, TracPlus has built a world-class reputation, and we’re really proud of the exceptional customer base and following we have gained over this time. 

When we launched in 2007, our ethos was to ensure multiple parties involved in search and rescue were able to work effectively together through a single view of key data sources, one of which were asset location and sharing of data across multiple parties. This approach meant that we started with a ‘software-first’ and a ‘BYO-Device’, hardware-agnostic approach.

“Our founding principles of interoperability, and our flexible solutions, have always resonated well in the first responder community.” 

Rolling with the changes

In today's digital environment, our customers' needs have changed. Advanced data capture and systems integrations are required and our clients are looking for safer environments and improved efficiencies within their organizations. As a result, we broadened our platforms and solutions, adapted and continued to evolve. 

Our more recent developments include higher data handling capacities, real-time collaboration tools between air and ground-based assets, and adding integrations from other vendors for different systems both on the ground, at sea and over the air. 

Our latest platform U1 delivers our customers’ real-time intelligence needs, is future proof and is the most advanced and flexible platform on the market today.

We have consciously decided that we need to do things a bit differently from a traditional tracking company to give customers the services that they deserve. This is not only down to the product, but also down to services, support structures that we provide, the number of systems that we integrate with and devices that we support, and even down to the signal types and business model that we adopt.

We believe that in today’s world, more so now than ever, those who help others deserve products and services that help them to deliver on their needs. At TracPlus, innovation is a constant — we will continue to invest in improving and refining what we do, striving to best support those who operate in harm’s way.

Armed to better support our customers

With this new financial backing, our vision is to offer the first responder community disruptive solutions for mission-critical data provisioning, command, communication and collaboration technologies.

The new investment round will enable our team to grow technical and sales capability and further capitalize on its position as the disruptive global leader, providing the most cost-effective, comprehensive, flexible and agile platform solutions on the market today. 

As part of the transaction, TracPlus has also acquired Cambridge-based technology business v2track Limited. I am so thrilled to be welcoming the v2 Track team to strengthen our skill set and to provide our customers with more choice and flexibility when it comes to the hardware that best suits their business needs. The addition of the v2 Track team bolsters our market presence in Africa and Europe, two areas where TracPlus have not had offices in the past.

I am immensely proud of the TracPlus team for getting us to this point, and for the support that our loyal customers and partners have shown us on this journey. 

With Movac’s backing, we will be able to fulfil our goal of being a market leader in tracking and communication globally and better support our customers to be efficient, streamlined and most importantly, safe.

The future: to share data and gain greater oversight of your assets, regardless of the hardware

This funding allows us to push into more areas of our customers’ needs too. We are relatively well known in the aviation side of our customers’ businesses, yet less well known is that we have genuinely world-class solutions for our customers for remote workers, vehicles, drones and maritime-based assets. It’s more important than ever to ensure customers can keep track of their entire fleet — regardless of asset type. 

It’s my belief that our customers require a system that allows them to work seamlessly with others. Interoperability is vital in our market: we see our customers doing this all the time and this is the way they work best. They deserve technology that too models this, giving managers better control over their assets, and the ability to work seamlessly with others, for greater mission outcomes.

This funding supports us to continue working on a series of relationships, partnerships and internal developments that delivers additional data to customers in a format that provides customers with real-time intelligence. 

At TracPlus we have a simple ambition: to meet as much of the customers’ demand as possible. 14 years in, and we feel like we’re just getting started!

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