TracPlus Employee Simon Barton Fights Structural Fire in Ballarat

Learn about how TracPlus Australian Business Manager, Simon Barton, was involved in fighting a structural fire in Ballarat at the Midvale Shopping Centre.

With only 20 minutes to midnight on the 8th of January last year, a frantic call was made in Ballarat to the 000 Emergency Call Centre.

A fully involved structure fire was quickly growing at a shop in the Midvale shopping centre in Mt Clear…

The call was directed to Buninyong-Mount Helen Fire Brigade and several others crews to respond.

Amazingly, within only 9 minutes of the call, the crews were able to make it from their homes, to the station, and then to the fire.

The Mt Helen Tanker 2 was the first on the scene and two firefighters got to work on the initial attack wearing full breathing apparatus. One of those firefighters was Simon Barton, TracPlus’s very own Australian Business Manager. Soon they were both joined by two other firefighters from Fire Rescue Victoria who helped to extinguish the flames, saving the shopping centre from further destruction.

We find this story particularly interesting and inspiring due to the fact that the equipment used to fight this fire was actually donated by TracPlus a few years earlier, as part of an annual sponsorship initiative we conduct.

It’s amazing to see the equipment we provided put to work in fighting such a significant fire - by none other than one of our own staff members too.


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