TracPlus 2019 in Review

Last week our team came together from across the globe for our annual commercial planning meeting. Our commercial planning week is a crucial part of the calendar and is a time to connect, reflect, and condense our learnings into a cohesive plan for the year to come. This event helps to shape the outlook of our company and provide crucial innovation and ideas for the development of our products and services — and at its core, we look at ways we can better support our customers and make their lives’ safer. 

Our Global Team 

TracPlus is lucky to have such a diverse team from all different backgrounds.

Our international sales and support teams bring experience in multiple business sectors, including the military, aviation, emergency services and tech. It's our goal to ensure customers’ real-world experiences are top-of-mind when making any business decision.

TracPlus' diverse team offers vital information about foreign markets, as well as collates feedback from our international customers. This information is invaluable for the development of our product and services.

All of our team share the same goal — to create a reliable product that helps to keep teams cohesive and safe while not breaking the bank. 

A Total Market Solution 

As health and safety requirements become more litigious, it’s vital that businesses begin to look at ways they can keep their entire team safe — whether they’re flying, driving, or on foot. 

We know that with increased requirements comes cost. Therefore, it’s our goal to continually search for ways to enhance technology and look at cost-effective and simple solutions to deploy tracking and communication solutions across your entire business

With our customers having such diverse offerings themselves, it's become apparent that we need a "whole-of-fleet" solution that allows customers to connect with their entire team regardless of their asset type. Our goal is to allow our customers to work together seamlessly.

Smart, Simple, Affordable

TracPlus is adaptable to many different sectors. We have an agnostic tracking and communications system that allows us to collaborate with other data providers, in all sectors, whether that’s air, land, people or sea. Which means as a business, our potential is endless.  

TracPlus is more than a tracking service. We offer complete asset management and communication solutions.

With our new web-based platform set to launch worldwide in 2020, we can continue to streamline our customers’ operations, offering accessibility from any device. This is a multi-platform system with the ability to operate via any web platform, android and iOS. 

Throughout the commercial planning week, our new offering has been put under a microscope to ensure that the multi-stage launch process goes smoothly. We can’t wait to start rolling it out to some of our customers in early 2020. 

Developing Team Relationships

Like our customers, a cohesive team is vital to the completion of our goals.

In order to achieve our targets, our team need to know how one another ticks. Which is why we focus on developing internal relationships throughout the commercial week.

The team at TracPlus took part in a Christmas dinner over pizza and an activities day at Waikouaiti beach. It's important that our team have the opportunity to relax, recoup and have fun. When teams are cohesive and happy, businesses thrive. Modelled off of our customers in the emergency services sector, being cohesive is vital for our success.

Looking to the future 

The future is bright for TracPlus. Because of our rapidly growing team, opportunities are becoming readily available for our company. Increased business potential, paired with our new web-based system means that TracPlus has never been in a better position.


TrackPlus has had a big year, and we will keep growing for our customers. Demo our services to see if you can benefit too.

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TrackPlus has had a big year, and we will keep growing for our customers. Demo our services to see if you can benefit too.

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