TracPlus Cloud: What You Need To Know

Before you’re able to migrate to the new platform, there’s one key thing you need to do; ensure your primary contact email address is correct and up to date.

Miss our last announcement on what TracPlus Cloud is? Head here to find the key dates for its upcoming release. 


When Does Tracplus Cloud Go Live?

TracPlus Cloud will be available to all customers on 30 May 2022. 


What Do I Need To Do To Prepare?

Please ensure your primary contact email address is correct and up to date. This must be done by 28 May.

  • You can check your primary email address via, under My Details section > Contact details.



  • We will be emailing the primary email address we have on record to give them Administrator rights to the new platform.

  • It is essential that the correct person in your organisation receives the admin rights to TracPlus Cloud, as they will be managing the process of inviting new users to the organisation or elevating existing users to Administrator status. 



What's Changing?

How you login

TracPlus Cloud will be moving away from the current usercode/password login to an individual user email/password login.

  • This change means we can offer you single sign-on and improves the granularity of permission rights that can be granted to individual users. It also provides greater individual accountability for users assessing the organisation and making changes in the system.

  • Your organisation’s administrator will receive login credentials on the launch date (30 May 2022).  They will then be able to send other team members an invitation to join TracPlus Cloud.


TracPlus Web and MyTracPlus

Once TracPlus Cloud goes live, TracPlus Web and MyTracPlus will be permanently shut down.

  • All the features you find in MyTracPlus will be carried over to the TracPlus Cloud admin pages - with a new user interface to improve your experience.

  • If you visit TracPlus Web and MyTracPlus on or after 30 May 2022, you will be redirected to TracPlus Cloud to login.

  • Customers who log on to TracPlus Cloud with their existing usercode and password will be able to invite their email to create a View Only TracPlus Cloud account in their organisation. If they need administrative privileges, they can get in touch with their organisation’s primary contact, or the TracPlus Support team.

  • TracPlus Cloud  represents a huge improvement in accessibility for macOS users over the functionality offered by TracPlus Web.

  • A dedicated knowledge base will be available to guide you through the MyTracPlus administration features that have been moved to TracPlus Cloud, along with an interactive tour of the new platform when you first log in.


TracPlus Pro 3 (TPP3) Users

It's important to note that the current desktop platform, TracPlus Pro 3, will continue to be available.

  • TPP3 will continue to run alongside TracPlus Cloud to cater for select customers who access some of the more niche functionality that we are yet to move to TracPlus Cloud. 

  • The only difference TPP3 users will experience is that they will complete admin tasks in TracPlus Cloud rather than MyTracPlus.

  • To access TracPlus Cloud you will need an email and password to log in. To access TPP3 you will continue to log in with your existing usercode and password. 

What Can I Expect When Tracplus Cloud Goes Live?

TracPlus Cloud will deliver several benefits out-of-the-box, and with a robust roadmap of new features, will continue to drive value within your operation going forward.

Here is a taste of some of features you’ll be able to access on launch:

  • More intuitive user experience - Our redesigned interface enables a simpler and better experience when managing assets.

  • Increased scalability - Whether you have 10 or 1000 assets within your organisation, our intelligent scaling platform allows operations of any size to be able to simply manage their assets and ensure their people are safe. 

  • One-click instant platform updates - Simply refresh the web page to access the latest version of TracPlus Cloud, save time with no downloading and installing files.

  • Increased system uptime - By utilising Google’s distributed network infrastructure, the TracPlus system will be more resilient to localised interruptions. 

  • Improved security - Leveraging Google’s security protocols including TLS/SSL, failover systems for redundancy, live replication of our production database and Google’s secure Identity Platform for user login and credentials to keep your data secure. 

  • Increase mobility - Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser.

  • Increased insight - Big data = no drama. Our rapidly scalable back-end enables us to process more data, faster than ever before. This enables us to provide a greater level of insight into what’s happening within your operation and between entities you work with. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at and we will be happy to assist!

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