TracPlus Cloud is Live!

We are beyond excited to announce our Next-Generation Common Operating Platform: TracPlus Cloud is now live!

After many years of hard work, tireless days of commitment, and countless hours dedicated to the development of our next-generation platform, we are absolutely ecstatic to announce TracPlus Cloud is now LIVE!

TracPlus Cloud is the all-in-one Common Operating Platform (COP) that provides critical operators with an off-the-shelf solution that ties together operational information from multiple asset types and multiple communication channels. The TracPlus Cloud COP enables responding agencies to make faster, more informed decisions for improved safety and outcomes.

Derived from many hours listening intently to customer feedback, we've built an incredible platform that solves the needs of our operators both in control centres and on the ground.

TracPlus Cloud is the culmination of years of hard work and is a true milestone achievement for the team here.

 Some of TracPlus team on the release of TracPlus Cloud

On the night of May 30 our insanely dedicated team stayed up past 2am to ensure the final stages of the migration all went smoothly - and boy, are we thrilled to see it go live.

We are so extremely proud of everyone who worked hard to make this launch a reality - and we’re beyond excited to see the revolutionary impact that this common operating platform will bring for critical operators all around the globe.

Here’s to safer operations, and bringing people back home safe everyday. 

Are you looking for a Common Operating Platform to track and manage your assets in any situation? 

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