TracPlus Announces Five New Hires to Improve Operational Capacity and Capability in Serving Customers

TracPlus bolsters its operational capacity and capability in serving customers with five new expert hires in software engineering, technical account management, marketing, and market research.

TracPlus, a leading global provider of tracking and communication technology, has announced the hiring of five new professionals to boost its development, marketing, and account management teams. Renaud Humbert-Labeaumaz, Cam McAlister, Seán O'Loughlin, Jesse Pilcher, and Ankita Kedlaya have joined the company to improve its operational capacity and capability in serving customers.

Renaud Humbert-Labeaumaz joins TracPlus as a Senior Software Engineer, bringing over 10 years of experience writing software for companies of all sizes. Renaud has experience in working for cybersecurity companies, tackling the growing pains of start-ups in high-stakes environments. He states, "I'm not afraid to jump into new areas and solve challenging issues. I look forward to participating in making the TracPlus platform more robust and reliable."

Cam McAlister and Seán O'Loughlin have been appointed as the company's new Technical Account Managers, bringing extensive experience in CRM management, customer service, business development, and account management. They are both excited to be using their skills to contribute to TracPlus's success, helping customers get home safely from some of the most demanding environments in the world.

Jesse Pilcher has been promoted to Coordinator in the Marketing and Commercial Management team, having previously served as a high-performing intern. Jesse graduated from the University of Auckland and has worked in PR and Communications for agencies, developing his marketing skills. He is eager to use his attention to detail and creative problem-solving skills to make effective decisions for TracPlus. According to Jesse, "By working at TracPlus, I know that I'm helping promote and progress the development of a product and service that saves lives directly by allowing for effective, well-informed decision-making in mission-critical scenarios."

Ankita Kedlaya joins the team as our new Market Research Intern, already bringing immense value through her research into TracPlus's future strategic pathway. Ankita holds previous experience in product marketing and brand management in the tech industry, working on challenging projects for various startups. She states, "I am thrilled about the prospect of working with a team of talented and passionate individuals who share a common goal of using technology to make a difference in the world."

Renaud, Cam, Sean, Jesse, and Ankita bring unique perspectives and skill sets to the TracPlus team. Their combined ability to work effectively in fast-paced environments makes them valuable additions to the company.

TracPlus is excited to welcome the new hires to their team and looks forward to leveraging their skills to continue to lead the industry as the leading commercial provider of multi-asset tracking for the wildfire industry.

About TracPlus
TracPlus specializes in developing leading telemetry and data solutions that make wildfire-fighting organizations safer and more efficient. TracPlus is the only commercial provider to deliver a whole-of-country solution for integrated aircraft tracking in the wildfire management space. We do this by tying multiple data streams and asset types into a single view of the truth for mission-critical operations and deliver situational awareness to operators, irrespective of who owns the asset, what the asset is, who provides the tracking, or what the platform or signal type is — be it IP, IoT, cellular or satellite.
Our powerful, cloud-based platform enables our customers to track, manage, monitor, and message their personnel and resources, including land, maritime, and aviation assets, to keep crews safe, conserve resources, and maximize coordinated efforts.
As the trusted provider of the mission-critical tracking and communications platform for first responders, government agencies, militaries, and other critical operators around the world, TracPlus has been present at virtually every major disaster response globally in the past five years.

Company History
TracPlus has its roots in search and rescue after a boating triple-fatality in 2003 off the coast of New Zealand's South Island. The vessel had a traditional 121-style rescue beacon which provided a basic locational signal but due to the requirement of multiple satellite passes to pinpoint the rescue location it meant that four possible locations for the party were identified on different sides of the country. It wasn't until almost three hours after the initial incident occurred that the rescue team were able to find the vessel by which time three of the six occupants had succumbed to the treacherous conditions.
Following this incident, the pilot of the rescue helicopter and a local technology enthusiast got together to come up with a better way to find people in distress; by actively tracking them all the time, not just when they need help. In late 2005, a small satellite-based tracking terminal was fitted to a helicopter and 18 months later, TracPlus Global was born. Since then we've earned the trust of customers in over 40 countries, have supported over 9,500,000 operational hours of firefighting, search and rescue, EMS transfers, and more. 

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