TracPlus Announce Key Employee Awards - July 2022

TracPlus are proud to award some key employees for their outstanding contribution to the release of TracPlus Cloud

Earlier this month the TracPlus team were all brought together to celebrate the release of TracPlus Cloud. Even our employees all the way from the US and Australia came down to Dunedin where we all drove to frosty Cromwell for some team-bonding and celebrations. 

At the celebration dinner, TracPlus proudly awarded some standout employees for their incredible effort and contribution towards the release of TracPlus Cloud. 

Standout Performer Award: DALE ANDERSON 

For his dedication to quality architecture, relentless can-do attitude, and mastery of all areas of code. 

Ironman Developer Award: NIC BATHGATE 

In recognition of his long-distance endurance, indefatigable positivity, and formidable code-slinging skills.

These two achieved standout performances in getting our TracPlus Cloud platform out into the world, and they deserve huge appreciation. We couldn't have done it without you both!

On top of that, we also awarded the following:

Breakout Performer Award: LINUS MOLTENO

In recognition of having the best idea when we need it most, and for being awesome at all hours.

Lifesaver Award: MICHAEL MILLER

In recognition of his humility, talent, and extraordinary commitment to the team as a new employee

Special mention awards also go to:

Dhruv Valera, for his teamwork and commitment to success

Lynnette Holland, for her exceptional work ethic and being the backbone of the company

And lastly, our very own Husain Jawadwala was celebrated as he recently became married and promoted to Head of Customer - you're a star Husain, congratulations! 

Aside from these standout awards, every member of the team was celebrated and remain extremely valued. We can’t wait to see the distance we’ll go as a company as we continue to work together cohesively. We’ve got some lofty goals and we’re excited to chase after them! 

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