TracPlus acquires v2track to offer further capabilities to customers

TracPlus is excited to announce the acquisition of v2track. These joint forces will bring powerful and disruptive tracking and communication hardware solutions to the market.

We are very excited to announce that TracPlus is expanding its customer base and global footprint. Through the acquisition this week of v2track, our teams joined forces to offer our customers greater choice, enhanced tracking and communication hardware and to provide a wider and more bolstered support and technical team.

Over the last 12 months, we have been in discussions with v2track to look at ways we can combine our respective strengths and common interest in aviation and vehicle safety, communication, and technology. As we've got to know the v2track team, we have felt incredibly aligned with their vision, mode of operation and incredible technological developments.

Going forward, we are excited to build our capabilities together as a single group. Through this, we believe we will be able to deliver on more of our customers’ needs in a shorter period of time. v2track’s complementary strengths means that we can serve our customers better together. 

Also born from New Zealand, v2track has a history of providing not only groundbreaking and cost-effective cellular/satellite solutions to the market but customised and bespoke solutions for their clients. v2track has established a global presence with clients in the US, Canada, South America, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

Combining forces will strengthen our skill set and will provide our customers with more choice and flexibility when it comes to the hardware that best suits their business needs. The addition of the v2track team bolsters our market presence in Africa and Europe, two areas where TracPlus have not had offices in the past.

v2track Founders, Kylan and Bevan Diprose are also excited to be joining forces with TracPlus.

“Over the years we have seen our mutual vision for aviation safety, communication, and technology become more and more aligned. We believe that by joining forces we will have more impact together as we bring together our complementary strengths," - Kylan and Bevan Diprose.

v2track products will not be disappearing, rather we will continue as a larger team to support the expansion and further development of the features and offerings we have, as a combined entity.

At TracPlus, we strongly believe that customers should be empowered to use devices and hardware that best suit their needs. This hybrid model not only gives customers choice but using multiple technologies allows for affordable pricing and enhanced tracking, communication and collaboration solutions.

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