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TracPlus 2018 in Review

Customers are at the heart of everything that we do. When we launched in 2007, our goal was to make the world a safer place by connecting those who operate in harm’s way, or in the service of others. Today, that mission still stands.

As the year comes to a close, we thought we’d reflect on some of the major innovations, partnerships and features that we launched in 2018.

Status Boards

Earlier this year, we introduced status boards. Developed in close cooperation with the National Ambulance Standards Office and St John National Air Desk, Status Boards have become a vital part of many customer's daily operations.

Status boards provide mission-level information at a glance  such as mission ID, type, ETA, destination, current location and despatch status. Status boards can be shared across multiple organisations and locations, providing whole-of-fleet situational awareness nationally, or even internationally.

Our development team are now extending status boards to instantly and automatically update whenever flight plans or mission data is entered in the cockpit, making status boards even more powerful.

OzRunways and AvPlanEFB Support

This year, OzRunways and AvPlanEFB announced their intention to support TracPlus and the RockAIR, bringing global text messaging into two of the world’s most popular electronic flight bag (EFB) and moving map applications. OzRunways customers are already enjoying the benefit of being globally connected using their preferred in-cockpit app and TracPlus.

We are helping both OzRunways and AvPlanEFB to implement even more useful features in 2019, and can’t wait to share that with you soon!

Bluetooth Beacons

This year we also partnered with OBIQ.IO to combine their unique Bluetooth tag beacons with our service to allow the automatic identification and real-time delivery of crew, passenger and role equipment information with little to no manual process required.

Each crew member or passenger wears a small Bluetooth tag that contains important and relevant information about them, such as their name. Essential role equipment such as winches, defibrillators or satellite phones can also be tagged so that inventories are instantly up to date when role equipment is removed or replaced. These tags can be automatically detected at aircraft startup, and manifests can be transmitted in real-time.

Together, OBIQ.IO and TracPlus are bringing seamless, real-time clarity to operational logistics and mission reporting.

Bundled Airtime Plans

2018 marked the introduction of our Bundled Airtime Plans. While we still offer our “Pay-As-You-Go” plans for seasonal usage, our Bundled Airtime plans offer unlimited cellular airtime and bundled satellite airtime at even lower prices for a short-term commitment.

With a range of plans to choose from, there’s something for everyone, from weekend pilots to large fleet commercial operators who can pool their satellite allowances together for even greater cost-savings.

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Our newest innovation, FastTrac, allows our Flightcell and RockAIR customers to use satellite tracking at cellular speeds — without the cost.

FastTrac allows supported tracking devices to log a GPS fix every 15 seconds, but send them bundled together every two minutes over satellite. The result is a smooth and highly detailed track that you’d expect to get from cellular reporting outside cellular coverage. This bundling allows a higher degree of data compression meaning that FastTrac uses the equivalent of only one satellite message every minute instead of four. That’s a cost saving of 75%!

FastTrac gives you the best of both worlds — the accuracy of 15-second tracking across both cellular and satellite networks without breaking the bank.

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Looking forward

2019 is looking to be a year of continued growth and innovation for TracPlus. We’re focussing on making your life simpler and easier, by providing better and improved tools and reports, and by working with an ever-increasing range of logistics, maintenance and accounting partners. We can’t wait to share these innovations with you. Keep an eye on your inbox and our Facebook page to stay up to date! 

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Christmas and New Year Support

Despite it being the holiday season, our 24/365 support does not cease.

If you need anything, please reach out:

+64 (3) 477 8656
0800 872 275 (New Zealand)
1800 330 740 (Australia)
(678) 782 8090 (United States of America)

For those of you on duty or on call over the holidays, thank you for your service. Be careful, be safe, and look after yourselves and your teams. To everyone else, stay safe and make sure our emergency services have a nice, quiet and uneventful holiday season and New Year.

We can’t wait for 2019 and everything that it has to offer. Happy holidays everyone!