RACQ LifeFlight - Providing aeromedical services for over 40 years

LifeFlight is a world leader in aeromedical retrieval services. With over 40 years of experience and bases across the wider Queensland region, their service offers the community a lifeline in emergencies.

In 1981, LifeFlight began as the Gold Coast Helicopter Rescue Service with a single-engine helicopter performing weekend beach and surf patrols on the Gold Coast. The team consisted of one full-time pilot and 15 volunteer crewmen. Today, the team runs a 13 strong fleet out of multiple locations across the greater Queensland region.

On average, the team attends between 6-12 accidents daily, offering critical-care to the community when required, notably to those in rural and remote communities.

LifeFlight’s attention to detail and first-class service has been recognised by the Australian government, which has resulted in LifeFlight being the exclusive provider of recruitment training and the supply of doctors and nurses to other aeromedical providers in the state. LifeFlight has completed over 56,000 missions since their operations began  a staggering amount of life-saving missions. 

Simply put, LifeFlight aircraft are flying intensive care units  providing high-level medical services to those in dire conditions.

Queensland is a rugged, expansive state where medical attention can be up hundreds of kilometres away at any time. Their fleet consists of 10 helicopters and 3 fixed-wing jets, from Augusta Westland 139’s to Learjet 45’s. 

In 2004, medical jets were introduced to LifeFlight’s operations for use in inter-state patient transports missions, since their introduction they have been responsible for over 6000 missions.

Their extensive fleet means they can complete a variety of missions over a wide area, including outside of Australia. Whether their mission is a winch rescue outside of Brisbane or a jet retrieval abroad, LifeFlight is well equipped for the job.

"There is no better reward than coming to work and being able to help people each and every day. We can tangibly see a name or helicopter off to save a life every day — and all of us get that feeling. Whether we’re in the helicopters, or in the support team, we feel that we’re doing our part in supporting to keep our community safer." Brian Guthrie

An ongoing commitment to learning 

LifeFlight’s crew and operations have a continuous commitment to improving the skills of all aeromedical professionals. Hence, the creation of the Lifeflight Training Academy. LifeFlight has the unique ability to use their experienced staff to give back and educate those who are newer to the aero-medical industry, in addition to the support and nurturing of their own team. Their crew takes pride in sharing their knowledge and industry experience with other operators, improving the sector as a whole. 

The intention of extensive training is to give students a ‘real-world situational experience’. LifeFlight’s training centre has a state of the art AW139 helicopter simulation system. This provides pilots with the most realistic flying experience outside of a helicopter. In addition to the pilot training systems, LifeFlight has an augmented Augusta Westland compartmental training system for medical and crew, allowing the team to develop skills in a realistic operational situation. 

Their expansive training network includes government-run operators and other external medical service providers, with previous clients including the Australian Defence Force, Queensland Ambulance.

TracPlus & LifeFlight

LifeFlight was searching for a tracking solution for their ever-expanding fleet and the crew associated with them. TracPlus offered an adaptable and affordable solution, and from there we haven’t looked back. TracPlus allows LifeFlight to continuously analyse the activities of their air and ground fleet, keeping their staff safe and accounted for. With a high percentage of their work coming in regions where cellular coverage is limited or non-existent, we’re happy that we can offer a solution that keeps LifeFlight connected. 

"TracPlus has given us the ability to have operational control very accurately, and consistently over many years now. Without TracPlus, we wouldn’t be able to achieve operational control," says Brian Guthrie, Chief Operations Officer.

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