OzRunways and TracPlus collaborate to deliver EFB-based global messaging

At TracPlus we believe in the power of collaboration and coordination.
This philosophy has underpinned everything we’ve done since we tracked our first rescue helicopter to help RCCNZ, Coastguard NZ and St John Ambulance better coordinate their responses to real world emergencies.

Our rescue pilots know that working together, and well with others, makes for better outcomes. As technology providers, we need to do the same. In the same way that our community is more than the sum of its parts, we too can deliver more by working well with others.

We are thrilled to announce that TracPlus and OzRunways have put our heads together to deliver global airborne messaging using OzRunways EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) and our portable RockAIR tracker. Under this agreement, OzRunways users will be able to send and receive text messages globally using the Iridium satellite network and cellular networks.

By pairing OzRunways with the RockAIR tracker (and in the future, other TracPlus supported devices), the popular moving map application will also support new collaboration and coordination tools being developed by TracPlus.

ozrunways RA web

For thousands of pilots, OzRunways is the preferred tool in the cockpit. Instead of developing yet another app for pilots to juggle, it made more sense to help OzRunways talk to the RockAIR.

GPS is an incredibly useful tool, but it can only tell us so much. By pairing OzRunways with the RockAIR, we can get a much better sense of the mission at hand, and convey that in a way that is clearer than just dots on a map.

In Aviation, timely communication is everything. This new capability means that pilots are never out of reach.

The fundamental goal of TracPlus is to create a globally successful business while making the world a better and safer place through the power of connected communities — we will continue to do this through connecting and collaborating with the best.