Introducing the RockAIR - Leading Flight Tracking Device

Designed specifically for aviation, the RockAIR is the leading flight tracking and communication device used by aircraft operators worldwide. Read this blog to learn more.

The RockAIR is the smallest and safest aircraft tracking device on the market. Fully tested to DO160G standards, the RockAIR offers high-resolution tracking, two-way messaging, and emergency monitoring and alerting in satellite and cellular networks.

Countless aviation companies like Central Airwork, Paradise Helicopters, and Angle of Attack all depend on RockAIR devices to reliably capture tracking data of their aircraft in 15-second reporting bursts (one of the highest reporting rates available worldwide).

"We have noticed considerable savings with RockAIR and love the 15-second reporting, which is far more accurate." - Daniel Stevenson, Pilot and Owner of South Pacific Helicopters NZ

The RockAIR devices also grant the ability to capture data through both satellite and cellular tracking, allowing for much greater situational awareness. This also saves costs, as the RockAIR automatically switches between satellite and cellular when going in and out of cell coverage. 

You can adjust your tracking rates to a speed you desire (15 seconds in cellular, or a rate of your choice in satellite). 

Operators love the RockAIR for it's reliable two-way messaging capability. Crews can now stay connected and informed with enhanced communication through the RockAIR installed in your aircraft. The device is compatible with cellphone, email, TracPlus Cloud software, and other third-party devices. 

The RockAIR is a truly safe option for peace of mind, as it provides rapid emergency risk management with distress notifications through the TracPlus Cloud platform. On top of this, the device has built-in collision detection and reporting for advanced safety and the ultimate security for your people. 

The RockAIR device, in unison with the TracPlus Cloud platform, is certified as compliant with USFS, NAFC, and EASA reporting requirements for aircraft flight tracking. 

TracPlus and the RockAIR is a leading option for aviation operators who want to improve the safety of their team, cut operational costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Dimensions: 98mm × 119mm × 26mm (3.9″ × 4.7″ × 1.0″)
Weight: 210gm (8oz)
Connectors: USB, 4-way Molex Micro-Fit (power), 6-way Molex Micro-Fit (input), Optional SMA for external antennas
Inputs: USB serial, Bluetooth, five configurable digital inputs, RS232
Outputs: RS232
Buttons: Power/Suspend, Monitor, Mark, Distress/Distress Cancel
Indicators: LED indicators for each button, External Power LED, Bluetooth LED
Sensors: GPS, Accelerometer, Thermometer, Power loss, Impact
Satellite Network: Iridium SBD via 9603 short burst data (SBD) transceiver
Cellular Network: GPRS (Cellular IP)
Power Sources: External DC supply with internal Li-Ion polymer battery backup

If you think flight tracking with a RockAIR would be beneficial for your operations, reach out to us today – we'd love to chat.

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