TracPlus at HAI — Helicopter Association International 2020

Our team is pleased to announce that we will be taking part in HAI 2020, and we can’t wait to show the world what we have to offer.

This year, HAI 2020 is taking place in Anaheim on January 27-30th. This event gives our team an incredible opportunity to showcase our world-class product to a multitude of operators from all over the globe.

Originally designed for helicopter pilots, TracPlus’ founder Chris Hinch worked alongside emergency pilots to create a platform that allows key operational data to be shared by pilots with emergency responders. In emergency situations, such as aerial firefighting, TracPlus allows any asset to be tracked— whether you are tracking a helicopter or its fuel truck, or to a person on the ground. Our unique standpoint is that we track all asset types — which our competitor’s do not.

TracPlus is constantly innovating in order to achieve our goal: to provide efficient and reliable communication between operators  communication that is accessible and reliable. 

TracPlus for Aviation: What is our unique advantage?

Dual satellite and cellular tracking 

TracPlus provides complete fleet awareness. Our combination of satellite and cellular communications means that you only pay for tracking when outside of cellular range. When in cellular range, you receive tracking updates in 15-second intervals at no cost to your existing plan. When you do leave cellular connection, our systems automatically switch to Iridium satellite networks and ping at a rate that fits your budget. 

Approved tracking and communication provider

TracPlus provides accurate Airborne and engine run times. This data offers HD flight paths and flight information and packages it into a PDF Mission Report for regulatory, contractual and compliance reporting.

TracPlus keeps your team safe and accounted for

TracPlus enables you to have complete situational awareness of your team and clients, regardless of your location. TracPlus also offers AMS (active monitoring service), a software that continuously searches for events, and alerts you if anything unexpected happens. 

Reliable messaging, no matter the location 

TracPlus allows you to send and receive text messages and emails from anywhere in the world. The combination of cellular and satellite means that you always stay connected at a price point which remains cost-effective. 

Accurate Mission Reports 

TracPlus has a unique ability to harness and transmit the information from dual cellular and satellite tracking, without the need for operator intervention — saving time and ensuring accurate data collection. At the conclusion of each flight, TracPlus automates a Mission Report, in which all of the flight, crew and equipment data is available for analysis. 

We track more than helicopters

TracPlus is unique because we allow organisations to track all asset types, including their people. Even helicopter companies have vital assets that aren't in the sky. Think fuel trucks, ground-based firefighters or maintenance providers. Alternatively, helicopter pilots could be working on missions alongside people on the ground, or at sea. TracPlus allows vital information to be shared between any asset type. This data is transmitted back and forward between offices or operations centres. We offer situational awareness across land, sea and air assets to streamline operations and improve mission success.

TracPlus On A Global Scale 

TracPlus has enthusiastic and committed sales and support teams stretching from New Zealand all the way to Northern and Latin America. Our products are designed for pilots flying in metropolitan and remote locations. We offer adaptable solutions which can cater to a multitude of different commercial operations. 

TracPlus supports helicopter pilots in making their businesses more streamlined and cost-effective. 

We can’t wait to show off our technology at HAI in January, and of course, meet all of the fantastic helicopter pilots and business owners across America and afar.  

Stop by booth #5742 to meet our team and see how our products can help your business.


Watch and Learn about how TracPlus really works. If you'd like to find out more, contact us or demo TracPlus now.

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Watch and Learn about how TracPlus really works. If you'd like to find out more, contact us or demo TracPlus now.

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