See you at HAC 2019 — Helicopter Association of Canada Expo

Our team is en route to HAC 2019 in Vancouver, and we can't wait to introduce TracPlus to helicopters pilots and business owners across Canada. Here's why we believe TracPlus is a superior helicopter tracking system.

TracPlus was originally designed by helicopter pilots, for helicopter pilots. TracPlus was founded in 2007 as a result of an avoidable tragic event. Our founder, Chris Hinch, worked alongside rescue pilots to create a solution that could allow operational data to be shared with first responders to better plan, communicate and coordinate their activities.

Our goal is to remove unnecessary barriers to collaboration — ensuring that efficient communication between operators is accessible and reliable.

TracPlus for Helicopters

Affordable tracking in satellite and cellular coverage 
TracPlus provides total fleet operational awareness — from the cockpit, to office, to operations centre — ensuring that your team is accounted for, regardless of their location. Our dual-mode tracking devices mean you only pay for tracking when you leave cellular range. In cellular, you will receive tracking data every 15-seconds at no extra cost than your base plan. If/when you leave cellular coverage, tracking will automatically switch to the Iridium satellite network and will ping at a rate of your choice.  

Reliable messaging in remote locations
TracPlus allows you to send and receive text messages and emails, from wherever you are in the world. Our system is reliable and makes communicating with your team simple and cost-effective.

Complete fleet situational awareness
TracPlus goes beyond tracking. We offer company-wide situational awareness of your fleet’s location and status, ensuring the planning and implementation of missions is a streamlined process.

Approved and recognised tracking and communication provider
TracPlus offers accurate airborne and engine run times for maintenance and billing, as well as HD flight paths for regulatory, contract and compliance reporting.

Mission reports designed for aviation
TracPlus utilises cellular and satellite networks to automatically transmit data in real-time to the office without the need for pilot intervention — saving your staff time and ensuring accurate data. At the conclusion of a flight, TracPlus automates a mission report, as well as automatically identifies your crew, cargo and role equipment.

Keep your team safe and accounted for
TracPlus allows you to keep track of your team and clients 24/7, from anywhere in the world. We offer Automatic Monitoring Service (AMS), wherein the software continuously looks for unexpected events and alerts you if anything untoward happens.

TracPlus in Canada

TracPlus has a dedicated sales and support team for North America, to support you to find the best solution for your business. Our product is designed for pilots who fly in both metro and remote areas, and offers features to support helicopter businesses to streamline their business and keep costs to a minimum.

We can't wait to show off TracPlus at HAC this year in Vancouver, and meet more helicopter pilots and business owners from across Canada and beyond.

Stop by booth #608 to meet our team and see our products in action.

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