Godzone 2017

GODZone 2017. Photographer, Alexandre Socci.

GODZone 2018 Highlights the Hauntingly Beautiful, yet Exceptionally Remote Nature of New Zealand

TracPlus is proud to be supporting Team KiwiHarvest on their mission to wage a war on food waste in this year’s GODZone event.

New Zealand is hauntingly beautiful, yet exceptionally remote. Many of our customers explore these remote regions on a daily basis, to either show off these sites to tourists, or to help those who’ve struck trouble.

For decades, New Zealand’s unique landscape has attracted adventure seekers and extremists and has become infamous for its adventure sports and events. One of these events is the GODZone Adventure Race. Arguably the most technically demanding adventure race in the world, GODZone will push said adventure seekers to the limit, highlighting the confronting nature of New Zealand’s remote and rugged landscape. It’s this landscape that provides tourism and thrill seekers their playground but equally, serves up extreme risks along with rewards.

Godzone 2017 forest

GODZone 2017. Photographer, Alexandre Socci.

GODZone is an annual, multi-day, non-stop, expedition-style adventure race held in New Zealand each year. Teams will navigate, trek, mountain bike, kayak, canoe and raft over a vast array of different landscapes — some of the environments that TracPlus customers are navigating on a daily basis. GODZone will test the mental and physical skills of participants, as well as highlight the importance of seamless teamwork in a challenging environment.

This year TracPlus’ board member Pieter Brits and his GODZone team are traversing New Zealand’s challenging landscape to wage a war on waste, and to spread awareness for KiwiHarvest.

KiwiHarvest are New Zealand’s perishable food rescuers; collecting good food before it goes to waste and distributing it to those in need, to nourish the wider community. KiwiHarvest know that food rescue is a marathon, not a sprint. Food rescue is their core focus, but they also exist to educate and engage communities on ways they can affect change. The ripple effect of food rescue extends beyond just getting surplus food to those in need; it affects everything from business bottom lines to school reports.

kiwiharvest team 2018

From left, Penzy, Patrick, Anne, Pieter.

Team KiwiHarvest is comprised of Pieter Brits, Patrick Manning, Anne Gray and Penzy Dinsdale. The event is an unsupported event meaning that the team will be completely self-sufficient over the 10 day period. This year the event introduced a new discipline — pack-rafting. Pack-rafts are small, inflatable crafts that each team member carries in their backpack and inflates when they need to cross lakes or travel down rivers.

The team have been training hard over the last 6 months to prepare for the challenge.

“A highlight of the training this year was a weekend traversing over Mount Titiroa in Fiordland. We were lucky enough to be tracked by TracPlus during this training allowing us and our supporters to keep track of our position at all times” — Patrick Manning.

kiwiharvest produce

Team KiwiHarvest hope they can communicate the importance of food waste, and uplifting communities through providing nourishing meals to those who need them.

“We believe in KiwiHarvest’s ethos of not letting good food go to waste when there are people with food insecurity in New Zealand and at the same time protecting our environment” — Patrick Manning.

We can’t wait to track Team KiwiHarvest on their amazing adventure, and live vicariously through their journey.

Go, Team KiwiHarvest!

child with produce

KiwiHarvest has won multiple national and local awards for its approach to sustainability and has a reputation as an exceedingly well managed organisation. It relies on donations and grants to survive, so if you feel like supporting Team KiwiHarvest, you can do so by chipping in to help KiwiHarvest keep doing the great work that they do.