Farewell to TracPlus' Founder, Chris Hinch

Today marks a big day in the history of our company. Our founder and CIO, Chris Hinch, has announced his resignation from TracPlus. 

Thirteen years after Chris and his wife Jill tracked their first rescue aircraft, Chris has decided it’s time to pursue other goals and dreams — and with such an inventive and industrious mind, we’re not surprised that Chris has multiple ideas circulating.

First and foremost, we want to say a massive congratulations to Chris. 

Chris, you must feel immensely proud of what you've worked so hard to build. Chris and Otago Rescue Helicopter pilot Graeme Gale (pictured) discussed whether a tracking system could be developed that would allow Mr Gale to see where his helicopters were at any time and share that information with other agencies. In late 2005, a small satellite-based tracking terminal was fitted to a helicopter and, after 18 months, TracPlus Global was launched as a tracking service provider in August 2007.

With our roots being in Search and Rescue and the Emergency sector, word quickly spread across other agencies and industries. TracPlus was recognised globally as a tracking and communication tool that could help organisations stay sage in any industry including the North American utilities and construction market, firefighting, lone-workers, mining, maritime and fisheries to name a few — its power was that it could help protect anyone who operated in harm's way.

I speak for many of us when I say that I feel incredibly grateful to be working at TracPlus, and it’s our founding story that makes being a part of this team so special. Chris started TracPlus to do good — and continued to carry that with him to this day — and this is what makes TracPlus a great place to work. 

“There comes a time in every founder journey when the decision can be made to step back and let the company soar on its own” — Chris Hinch, Founder.

We know how personally and closely Chris has worked with so many of our customers since work began on TracPlus in 2005, and our team will continue to carry this customer-centric ethos with us in Chris’s absence. 

Thank you, Chris, for your major dedication and commitment to the Emergency Services world. Your work has supported those on the front line to do their jobs more safely and effectively, and we know how grateful our customers are for what you’ve established.  

“I am immensely proud of everyone who has been part of TracPlus past and present — our employees, our customers, our partners, and our shareholders, visionaries all. I know how hard this team has worked to be able to lead our industry with a clear and unifying vision of customer choice, excellence in customer support and an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing by those who trust and support us. I look forward to all that you will achieve in the years to come” — Chris Hinch, Founder.

We wish you all the best, Chris, and cannot wait to see what is next for you.

Thank you!

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