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Introducing Custom Forms

In line with our “globally connected” philosophy, it’s time to announce the latest fantastic feature that TracPlus supports  Custom Forms.

We all know the job’s not done until the paperwork is completed. Pre-trip checks, departure and arrival reports, crew and passenger manifests, checklists, weight & balance checks, flight and engine times, cargo manifest, role equipment lists — there is always another form to fill, another checklist to do.

And that’s just the start of the process. The paperwork has to be gathered, the data entered, processed, summarised, analysed and reported on — all of which adds time and cost to your business.

Last year, TracPlus introduced forms — allowing our users to choose, fill in and send forms from anywhere in the world, using an iPad or iPhone connected to a TracPlus supported device. Using these forms, a pilot can send a passenger manifest directly from the aircraft as soon as they have completed loading, a forestry worker can sign in when they arrive at their remote job site, or a fishing skipper can send a catch report as soon as it is completed.

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TracPlus forms have not only eliminated the need for physical forms to be collated and laboriously re-entered into other systems, but they also make it possible for that important information to be used immediately, not hours, days or weeks later.

Our customers have asked us if they could have their own Custom Forms, unique to their company, with their specific fields and drop-down lists — only visible to them. Well, every company operates differently, so why not give users the forms they need to do their job?

The premise is simple: You tell us what you want in your forms - what will transform your workflow process - and we will create them for you and ensure that only you can see it — and at no extra cost. It can’t get much easier than that!

The best part? Custom Forms are available now. Tell us what you need! We all have wish lists - it’s time to have your wishes come true - at least your form-based wishes!

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Reach out to our incredible support team at and let us give you back all that time that’s better spent working on your business!