3 October 2018

Use the power of the revolutionary RockAIR to unlock the potential of OzRunways

If you use OzRunways, you can now enjoy the benefits of global connectivity by simply linking up with TracPlus and the revolutionary RockAIR — Satellite/Cellular tracking at its best.

1 October 2018

TracPlus — Let’s talk about the ‘Plus’

We’ve nailed the ‘Trac’ in our name, but now it’s time to highlight the ‘Plus’ — we go beyond simply tracking, all with the goal to make your lives easier. Here’s how.

23 August 2018

Fighting Australian Bushfires — People First

Bushfires are part of Australia’s history. With multiple agencies and organisations throughout Australia involved in managing the ever-present threat of bushfires, the ability to share a common view of a rapidly unfolding emergency situation is essential to a well-formed response. TracPlus has provided Australia’s NAFC with a cost-effective and proven solution to this problem.

3 July 2018

Comprehensive Communication made easy with Tracplus

Comprehensive communication shouldn’t be restricted by distance, remote environments — or cost. Sending direct text messages to other compatible tracking devices, cell phones, emails and to your tracking software is vital to any organisation. We’re here to make it easy and accessible for you.

21 June 2018

Distress Monitoring and Notification Options

Providing a distress monitoring and notification service is a vital part of what we do here at TracPlus. We’re making a few changes on how this works, so it’s very important you understand what this means for you and your operations. Here’s a rundown.

20 June 2018

TracPlus’ Automated Monitoring Service (AMS)

As the owner-operator of a busy helicopter company, Juliett has made sure that all her aircraft are tracked for the safety of her pilots and crew. Her office manager, Mike maintains a careful watch on TracPlus to make sure that her aircraft are where they need to be and that everything is OK.