11 January 2019

Chile and wildfires — what does the threat look like?

Over the last 30 years the number of fires has increased significantly at the global level, and what is evident, is that a dangerous, large-scale feedback loop that promotes wildfires.

19 December 2018

HeloPod: Welcome To The Snag-Free Zone

Following a wildfire season in the United States in which nearly 100 people lost their lives, fire agencies are on the hunt for better ways to fight blazes that are now regularly burning over 1 million acres a year and costing billions of dollars to fight.

14 December 2018

Celebrating Customer Success in 2018

Why we do what we do is inextricably tied to one purpose — to help our customers stay safe and connected. In 2018, TracPlus has continued to allow our customers to do just that, so they can focus on each mission knowing they're in safe hands.

11 December 2018

Pilots, Pick A Path: The Pilot Filter

Erika Armstrong asks the big question, which pilot seat is right for you?

9 November 2018

The World's Longest Flight: What It Means For Pilots

The longest commercial flight in history is now being offered by Singapore Airlines. You will be able to board an Airbus A350-900ULR (emphasis on the Ultra Long Range) in Singapore and fly nonstop, approximately 19 hours, and land in New York.

7 November 2018

Night Vision Goggles Bringing Wildfires Into Focus - Part 4

In our final instalment, Ventura County Aviation Unit’s Senior Pilot discusses their Night Vision Goggle program, and Australia-based Kestrel Aviation shares some insight into fighting bushfires Down Under.

31 October 2018

Where'd All the Pilots Go?

The reasons why 80% of student pilots drop out have also always been the same; lack of money and the high demands of the industry. But, given that it has always been difficult, why are there really 210,000 less licensed pilots now than there were in 1980?

23 October 2018

Night Vision Goggles Bringing Wildfires Into Focus - Part 3

In our third instalment, more Southern California helicopter pilots discuss using Night Vision Goggles (NVG) for wildland firefighting.

15 October 2018

Technology that promises to keep aerial firefighters safe

As the temperatures slowly drop in one part of the world and soar in another, there becomes increasingly less downtime for firefighters. We spoke to retired pilot and entrepreneur, Luis Bordallo, whose product promises to keep aerial firefighters safe.