18 July 2018

What's Your Status?

For TracPlus, the future of tracking is not just about dots on a map, it’s about reliable communication, collaboration and coordination. Our new feature, Status Boards, are an exciting new way we’re bringing that future to our customers in a way that they can use, every single day.

16 July 2018

How Technology is Preparing Power Utilities for Wildfires

As the danger posed by wildfires continues to increase globally, utility companies have been caught in a dilemma – cut the power off when there is a threat of wildfires and earn the wrath of customers, or keep the power on and run the risk of sparking a wildfire. Two of the largest power providers serving customers in California discussed the measures they are taking to address the problem.

12 July 2018

The Power of Dual Mode Tracking

Cost savings, peace of mind and a greatly diminished search area. Let’s unpack the power of the RockAIR.

9 July 2018

It beats working for a living — Richard Mills on passion and purpose

Having lead a hugely colourful career, Richard Mills is now back home managing Heliworks Queenstown Helicopters alongside Sir Richard Hayes. This dynamic duo run one of the most diverse Helicopter companies in New Zealand, encountering some of the most rewarding and challenging parts of the job.

6 July 2018

Collaboration The Solution For Safer Communities Through Wildfire Season

Traditionally, airborne participation has been limited to daylight hours, with aircraft suspending operations between dusk and dawn. However, with global warming having severe adverse effects on temperatures, firefighters are facing increased challenges battling a relentless fire season — year round.

4 July 2018

Switch to TracPlus Iridium Voice Services — Communication With No Barriers

Staying globally connected is critical for mission success. TracPlus makes communication simple with our cost-effective and reliable Iridium Voice Services. Here’s how you can ensure better connectivity while also saving your bottom line.

3 July 2018

Comprehensive Communication made easy with Tracplus

Comprehensive communication shouldn’t be restricted by distance, remote environments — or cost. Sending direct text messages to other compatible tracking devices, cell phones, emails and to your tracking software is vital to any organisation. We’re here to make it easy and accessible for you.

2 July 2018

A Chick In The Cockpit - An interview with Erika Armstrong

During her twenty-five years in aviation, Erika Armstrong has worked in all aspects of the industry. From the friendly front desk CSR of a busy FBO to the captain's seat of a Boeing 727-200, she’s experienced everything in between. Passionate about the aviation industry, Erika shares her hugely experienced, honest and good-humoured perspective on the industry.

29 June 2018

Great Communication Begins With Connection — Interoperability In First Response Situations

When disaster strikes, law enforcement and disaster-relief agencies rely on the ability to access shared information to understand crises and make life-saving decisions. Information and communication technologies play a vital role in coordinating crisis responses between discrete services, agencies, organisations and volunteers. But there is still a way to go.