31 October 2018

Where'd All the Pilots Go?

The reasons why 80% of student pilots drop out have also always been the same; lack of money and the high demands of the industry. But, given that it has always been difficult, why are there really 210,000 less licensed pilots now than there were in 1980?

24 October 2018

Get first in class hardware, software and tracking solutions for less

TracPlus makes it easier to stay safe with the introduction of our newest service offering, TracPlus Software and Hardware Monthly Plans.

23 October 2018

Night Vision Goggles Bringing Wildfires Into Focus - Part 3

In our third instalment, more Southern California helicopter pilots discuss using Night Vision Goggles (NVG) for wildland firefighting.

15 October 2018

Technology that promises to keep aerial firefighters safe

As the temperatures slowly drop in one part of the world and soar in another, there becomes increasingly less downtime for firefighters. We spoke to retired pilot and entrepreneur, Luis Bordallo, whose product promises to keep aerial firefighters safe.

11 October 2018

Introducing Custom Forms

In line with our “globally connected” philosophy, it’s time to announce the latest fantastic feature that TracPlus supports — Custom Forms.

5 October 2018

Classic Kiwi Road Trips Like No Other — Meet Pilot Cherie Marshall

Like many kids in the 1970s, Cherie Marshall learnt to drive on her father's lap. But unlike most, she was learning to drive an aeroplane! Meet Pilot and aerial firefighter, Cherie Marshall.

3 October 2018

Use the power of the revolutionary RockAIR to unlock the potential of OzRunways

If you use OzRunways, you can now enjoy the benefits of global connectivity by simply linking up with TracPlus and the revolutionary RockAIR — Satellite/Cellular tracking at its best.

1 October 2018

TracPlus — Let’s talk about the ‘Plus’

We’ve nailed the ‘Trac’ in our name, but now it’s time to highlight the ‘Plus’ — we go beyond simply tracking, all with the goal to make your lives easier. Here’s how.

26 September 2018

The Collective

We’re extremely excited to introduce TracPlus’ new media initiative, The Collective. The collective is designed to bring our community together, a place to share our stories and gather insight and inspiration for the work we do.