Australian Firefighters: Ensure You Are Contractually Compliant for the 2020-2021 Bushfire Season

TracPlus is a NAFC approved tracking provider for all aerial firefighting contracts in Australia. Our solution allows operators to keep their existing tracking service provider if required, and easily share their operational data with NAFC and other agencies when operating on firefighting contracts.

However, the list of tracking devices that NAFC recommends is becoming smaller, and their requirements are increasing year on year.

Our team has supported hundreds of firefighting operators with their tracking needs across the globe. As a trusted provider of real-time tracking, monitoring and communications, we know there are so many tools and technologies on the market. To simplify your decision-making, we’ve broken down the NAFC expectations and requirements so that being compliant is simple this bushfire season.

What Are the New Requirements?

Event Reporting, Tracking and Messaging

National Aerial Firefighting Centre and State Agencies require all position and event reports to be transmitted within 60-seconds of collection, regardless of the locations of the aircraft or vehicle. In addition to that, all position/event reports must be passed through to the NAFC designated data integrator within 2-minutes of collection.

NAFC requires operating aircraft to be equipped with equipment that transmits position reports at intervals of no greater than 120 seconds whenever the electrical busses of an aircraft are powered. 

Not only is event reporting, activity data and messaging a requirement for aircraft. Vehicles must be equipped with competent equipment that transmits positional reports at intervals no greater than 600 seconds apart.

“Operators are required to ensure their tracking device can detect flight and firebombing events.”

 NAFC expects reporting requirements to increase, rolling out what will become mandatory flight and event data recording in time. 

  State CWN



NAFC CWN Type 1 Helicopters

NAFC Full Service

Position Reports
Flight Events          
Engine On / Off  (check state requirements)
Take Off / Landing  (check state requirements)
Firebombing Events          
Fill  (check state requirements)    
Drop  (check state requirements)  
Drop Volume  (check state requirements)    

Why Are NAFC Tightening Requirements?

As wildfires worsen and resources become increasingly stretched, metrics are becoming more important to both the firefighting industry and the governments that fund them. The installation of accurate data-recording systems provides NAFC with detailed event information, which in turn, enables accurate billing.

Event data is sent to NAFC’s ARENA software to allow contractors to fulfil contractual event reporting requirements. Modern tracking platforms ensure operational data is as accurate as possible, resulting in accurate billing for those on the frontline. 

Inadequate Devices Will Result in:

  • Increased workloads for pilots and administrators
  • More opportunities for reporting errors
  • Inaccurate flight and engine recording 
  • Inaccurate firebombing drops, volume and data

“These errors from non-compliant and antiquated tracking devices may result in your invoices being rejected.”

Understand Modern Tracking Requirements and Devices

Modern tracking hardware is increasingly reliable, and technologies are advancing which allow you to capture more operational data for less cost. 

With a plethora of devices in the marketplace, it can be confusing to know which is the right one for your operation, and more importantly introducing a tracking device that complies with contractual regulations. Fortunately, TracPlus is a provider of multiple NAFC-approved devices. 

We’ve broken down the best tracking devices on the market, and how they will ensure you can comply.


A dashboard-mounted satellite and cellular tracking device and with two-way messaging with iOS support. 



Designed specifically for vehicles, RockDASH offers a cost-effective solution for tracking and messaging in both cellular and mobile networks.


v2track is a leading satellite and cellular provider for messaging, reporting, alerting and aircraft tracking.

v2track voice

v2track provides full global voice communications via the Iridium satellite networks. This ensures your team is always connected, regardless of location.


AFDAU-T1 is the world's first automatic bucket calibration and digital data collection tool. Simplifying data collection and reporting for aerial firefighters. 

AFDAU-T1 - Automate Your Data Collection and Reporting this Bushfire Season


A compact all-in-one satellite and cellular solution for global voice, data and aircraft tracking.

Trotter Datavault 

DataVault is an open, high-performance data acquisition telemetry, logging, tracking, and control solution.

As NAFC partners for over 10 years, TracPlus understands the importance of finding a trusted real-time tracking, monitoring and communications system. Partnering with a reliable tracking and communication platform will empower your business and ensure the collection and reporting of operational data is simple.

"TracPlus has changed the reporting of intelligence completely. It registers the exact location of where we pick up water, and how many litres we’re picking up. It’s tracking us to and from the fire. That way, the command centre can see how effective we are as it determines what our turn around times are." — Ray Cronin, Kestrel Aviation

As a business owner, your overall goal is to know and trust that your team is safe. Modern and intelligent tracking systems, like TracPlus, ensure peace of mind for your teams by enabling 24/7 contact and detailed movement information, taking guesswork out of the equation.


Keep your team safe and on track with TracPlus, a NAFC approved tracking provider for all aerial firefighting contracts in Australia - talk to us today.

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