Trusted by 1000+ customers in more than 44 countries worldwide

What is TracPlus?

TracPlus provides real-time tracking and communications to over 1000+ global companies that need to keep their team safe and connected.

TracPlus ensures you never lose sight of your team by allowing you to connect with assets on land, sea, and air - giving you the data you need to stay safe and improve reporting.

It's the first way to manage all of your assets on one platform. Anywhere, anytime.

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Cost-effective tracking and communication software

Stay informed, connected and above all, safe. TracPlus allows you to track and manage your fleet, staff, data and meet regulatory and contractual standards.

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Real-Time Tracking

Know where your people are – anywhere, anytime. TracPlus are trusted leaders in aviation, maritime and land tracking.


Event Alerting

Keep informed in real time about the operational status of your assets. Receive text messages or emails once your fleet takes off, lands, or upon any event that you wish to be notified of.


Global Messaging

Our global, cross-network messaging service means that you can reliably and quickly communicate with your team even when they are outside cellular coverage via text, email and in-app messages.


Status Boards

Maintain situational awareness of your fleet at a glance with Status Boards. Status Boards present an up to date summary of the status of all of your assets.

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TracPlus offers the most comprehensive range of ATU devices in the market

Discover what ATU device you need to meet ATU requirements for your aerial firefighting operations

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Less technical downtime. More time fighting fires.

Get 12-months free tracking when you buy an 'AFDAU-T1' ATU device this month

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Learn How TracPlus Can Transform Your Business

TracPlus offers real-time operational intelligence at a glance, giving you situational awareness from anywhere in the world.

Meet Contractual Obligations

TracPlus offers accurate airborne and engine run times for maintenance and billing, as well as HD flight paths for regulatory, contract and compliance reporting.

Streamline Operations

Our software acts as a unifying platform, allowing operators and agencies to effortlessly collaborate and coordinate their efforts through easy data sharing, helping achieve better mission outcomes.


Save Time and Money

TracPlus offers affordable hardware options and airtime plans. Our features are designed to save your organization time, eliminate error, and allow for informed real-time decision making.


Peace of Mind

Track, monitor and communicate with your staff in the field. Know where your fleet and team are at all times, regardless of their location.

"TracPlus provides NAFC with data integration services for tracking and event reporting."

Richard Alder, General Manager

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Why Customers Choose TracPlus

Learn how South Pacific Helicopters saved over $1000 per month with TracPlus.

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